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With the current economic uncertainty, you want to feel confident when investing in a franchise. Here, we show how FASTSIGNS UK is committed to business continuity for our franchisees.

Investing in a franchise is a big decision, made bigger by the current economic challenges. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from almost 40 years in business, it’s this: our customers will continue to market to their customers, both in good times and in bad. We saw this during the pandemic and Brexit, and we’re seeing it now, during these uncertain times.

What can you expect from the FASTSIGNS franchise opportunity?

Having the resilience to continue trading through recession, global pandemic shutdowns and economic challenges, means being able to adapt quickly. Something FASTSIGNS consistently achieves since launching in 1985.

The current situation is no different. With our support, our franchise partners:

  • Were quickly mobilised, during the pandemic, to print on-demand signage, enabling essential sectors to keep their customers/patrons safe
  • Can target sector-specific companies – schools & universities, hospitality & retail, hospitals & GP centres, for example – with a FASTSIGNS toolkit of essential items
  • Have the resources to create sustainable signage for customers wanting to meet green targets, or be seen as an eco-friendly business, without compromising on quality
  • Offer credit to customers to help them make purchases when they need them, spreading the cost to ease financial pressures

These are all things which made – and continue to make – a difference to the business continuity for FASTSIGNS’ franchise partners. These new offerings work well alongside the visual communications solutions we’ve always provided customers, as signage experts.

As a FASTSIGNS franchisee, you’ll also benefit from:

  • A personalised approach to your business development – not all customers and territories are the same, and we don’t have a one-size-fits-all methodology.
  • The opportunity to see your business grow. Over the last two years:
    • All our franchise partners attracted new customers who continue to use our services
    • Many saw the need to expand their staff teams to meet demand
    • And three of our franchise partners had to relocate into larger premise

As a result of our resilience, FASTSIGNS UK’s average:

  • Top Quartile Average Centre Sales: £670,000
  • Top Quartile Average net profit:In excess of 20%
  • The Average Centre Sales: £310,000
  • Average Centre net profit: 6% 

This is what you can expect when you invest in FASTSIGNS: A franchise which is genuinely resilient.

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