The Co-Brand Opportunity

Enhance your business, with the FASTSIGNS brand beside you

Co-Branding with FASTSIGNS franchise is easy and costs much less than you think.

You’ll be able to diversify into new and expanded product lines and services all while still retaining your original business identity. It’s a win-win for you and your customers

Co-Branding is a concept unique to FASTSIGNS in the signage industry and allows businesses in complementary sectors to join forces with the FASTSIGNS brand. Opening a FASTSIGNS centre within your current business gives you the opportunity to expand your product offering and increase the number of industries you are able to service, all whilst maintaining the independence of your original enterprise.

The type of businesses that work well as a FASTSIGNS Co-Brand are in creative industries that thrive on delivering the very best service to their customers. Complementary businesses include: (Not Limited to)

  • Small Format Printers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Photographers & Videographers
  • Lithographers
  • Embroidery Shops


FASTSIGNS is the only signage franchisor in the UK to offer this type of operation; by coupling your existing enterprise to a FASTSIGNS centre, you become part of a network with over 675 like-minded franchisees.

The Co-Brand offering allows us to help businesses turn as little as 400 square foot of unused floor space in your existing location into a FASTSIGNS centre, utilising the space to help you create more revenue.

Customers prefer to work with one specific supplier on their project rather than coordinating a raft of suppliers to deliver one small element of a larger task. For instance, if a company rebrands, a photographer may be involved to take the pictures in the project. If the photographer was to Co-Brand with FASTSIGNS, they could supply the photography, logo design, signage, promotional items plus so much more!

Other benefits of Co-Branding include:

  • Power of the FASTSIGNS Brand
  • Being part of a network of like-minded business owners
  • Reduced royalties in the first year
  • State of the art training and support
  • Preferential rates with trusted suppliers
  • Access to national and local marketing
  • Gain competitive advantage over competitors
  • Turn non-productive square footage into revenue generating space
  • Provides a great fit with your existing B2B customers and increases your average transaction with new products

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