Thinking of opening a FASTSIGNS franchise but unsure what you could be doing each day. As you can see from this franchisee client case study, you could be involved in some pretty exciting projects!

Did you know: 79% of consumers believe signage reflects the quality of a business and its product or services[1]. At FASTSIGNS, our franchisees and their teams know how true this is, and it’s why they’re committed to ensuring the visual solutions customers receive is of the highest standard.

So, if you’re curious to know the kind of projects you and your team could be working on, as you help customers make a statement about their businesses, we thought we’d share a project FASTSIGNS Crawley are currently working on.  

The project: Signia Hearing

FASTSIGNS Crawley were approached by Signia Hearing, one of the world’s leading hearing aid brands, about an office rebrand as they were due to move into new Head offices. Signia recognised the key to the success of this project would be in partnering with a sign and graphics company who also had proven project management experiences.

As Izzy Martin, who handles Crawley’s Customer Services explains, “Signia wanted their new office to showcase their brand to staff, visitors and customers. By creating the right statement as people walked in, they hoped to easily convey their brand vision. The really exciting element of this project was in knowing we had a completely blank canvas to work with, as they were moving into newly refurbished offices! To help Signia with budgeting, we recommended a phased approach to the project, building in a cost-effective means of achieving their goals.”

The creative process:

FASTSIGNS Crawley’s graphic design team started off by drawing on their creative experiences to produce an initial portfolio of ideas for the Signia team. Working ideas were further developed in collaboration with the client, to achieve the right solution to meet the vision of the project.

As Izzy explains, “We carried out site visits, to help us visualise the project, and advise the client on visibility, whilst discussing the types of products we use. Once we’d settled on the key components with Signia, we created a mock-up of ideas which were presented to them for review. Once they agreed on the look and feel they wanted – one they felt truly reflected their vision as iconic innovators in the hearing aid industry – we set to work on bringing the ideas to life!”

Creating the magic

One of the main elements of the project, incorporated Signia’s signature soundwave design.

As Izzy explains, “The design team envisioned an unbroken soundwave going all the way around the room, so needed vinyl graphics suitable for all surfaces. The production team tested various products to find the right one for walls, windows, and glass partitions without it peeling off. We were also mindful the graphic shouldn’t be visible on the windows, when people stood outside. A textured vinyl was decided upon as the best option, with the bonus of it adding depth to the graphic, enhancing the simplicity of the soundwave design.”

Izzy describes how they achieved this. “Our solution was simple but powerful! We used a halo illuminated aluminium tray from floor to ceiling, incorporating a large illuminated logo in the middle. It creates a big statement as guests arrive at the office. The power supply is only accessible from the ceiling, so using this kind of tray is ideal for hiding the wiring, for a clean and fresh look. Mindful of the rising energy costs, we installed it with a smart plug, therefore allowing the client to control the illumination, easily according to their budget.”

The finished look

Signia were delighted with not only the products used, but with the wealth of knowledge FASTSIGNS brought to this project. The design really came to life, through the use of bright and vibrant graphics.

As Signia said, “We love working with FASTSIGNS, Crawley! The team are so approachable, fun and professional – a winning combination, and something we hugely value from a supplier. From start to finish, FASTSIGNS demonstrated a high level of expertise and attention to our brand parameters. We had a vision to align the office design with our brand guidelines, but with enough flex to suit the new office space we were creating, something FASTSIGNS instantly took on board. Their suggestion of a phased approach was hugely appreciated, given budget constraints and the agility of planning/execution. The work completed so far looks amazing! We can’t wait to complete the next stage over the summer, and continue into the future, until we finally see the design in full!”

So, why franchise with FASTSIGNS?

The signage industry has never been more prosperous, and is only expected to grow. According to an analysis on the Signage market, by Future Market Insights (FMI), the global signage market is due to a CAGR rise of 6.3% over the next 10 years, to reach $63.3bn. Whilst printed signage is expected to register a CAGR of 0.19% over the next five years[1].

So, now seems a good time to start a signage business, however, starting a signage franchise offers you more. Unsure if FASTSIGNS is right for you? Well, according to the FMI[2] FASTSIGNS, “is one of the prominent players in the signage market. The signage market is highly fragmented and the Tier 1 players in the market [like FASTSIGNS] hold 15-20% share in the global signage market.”

With the backing of a recognisable brand like ours, you give yourself a stronger chance of success. You’ll receive exceptional training from FASTSIGNS experts, mentorship from one of the UK’s franchisees, and access to a wealth of past projects from across the network, giving you inspiration for your future clients.

Sound good?
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