Effective signage is always in high demand, so what is the best way to tap into this to create your own profitable business in the industry?

Unless you’re already in the signage industry, it is very easy to overlook just what a huge role signage plays in all levels of our lives. Next time you are out and about, in a town centre, or in a public building, take a moment to look around and really notice just how many different kind of signs there are, and what role they play. They are so ingrained in our society we almost take them for granted -until we pay more attention, and suddenly we realise: they are everywhere!

Public buildings need informative signage to guide and protect visitors, of course, especially now that health and safety is more important than ever post-pandemic. However, it is usually commercial business signage which is in the highest demand. Branding and offerings need to constantly evolve and change in order for businesses to truly differentiate themselves from the competition.

Great signage is absolutely key to success for many brands. Modern businesses have to work hard to stand out and keep their products and services top of mind for customers, which is why they need signage which excels at delivering the solutions they need.

So, what is the difference between good signage and great signage? And how do you go about making it?

Take a look at these examples of how one of our franchisees has shown just how much is possible with the right signage: FASTSIGNS Hull who recently created a fantastic display which really made delegates notice them at the Hull & Humber Chamber of Commerce Expo, or their recent work in helping rebrand a local business’ HQ.

Good signage succeeds in doing its job of informing the reader, but great signage really elevates a brand to a whole new level, making it stand out for all the right reasons. It represents not just a visual aid, but actively forms part of a coherent marketing strategy and greatly raises the profile of any product or service. 

For example, take the recent work by FASTSIGNS Leeds who were tasked with creating attractive and engaging signs for the SIMTrack Motorsport Simulation centre at Grantley Hall. Already very exciting as an attraction in itself, FASTSIGNS Leeds signage added real magic to the atmosphere and visuals of the simulator which was both eye-catching and on-brand.

Sound like the kind of fun and creative project you might be interested in? You can see why this kind of great signage would always be in high demand!

However, creating the highest possible quality in signage solutions for clients, and ensuring your business remains a market leader, is not something which happens overnight. This is a very competitive market. So, if you’re interested in becoming a signage manufacturer, or if you are already in the business and want to up your game, there is a great deal you need to have in place to really make it work for you.

The FASTSIGNS franchise offers you the opportunity to fast track your way to becoming the go-to signage expert for your local business community. By combining your ambition and drive to succeed with our cutting-edge manufacturing technology and decades of experience, you have a recipe for success.

Ensuring you have the very best technology at your fingertips doesn’t just mean you can supply signage of the highest possible physical quality. It also streamlines your processes allowing you the time and space to offer truly innovative solutions to your customers. By knowing your manufacturing processes are as efficient as they can be, you are free to unleash the full potential of your creative problem-solving abilities.

Back this up with our comprehensive training and support, and having a huge network of experienced experts to share challenges and best practice with, and you’re on your way to producing signage which always keeps customers coming back for more!

Ready to find out more about how being part of the world’s leading graphics and signage company can offer you a springboard to success? Contact us today!