FASTSIGNS excels at attracting talented individuals into its franchise, and we could not be prouder of everything that our franchisees have achieved this last year. Together, we have continued to grow the company into a global brand that sets a new standard for franchise models everywhere.

Every year, we like to celebrate our franchisees’ most outstanding achievements at an awards ceremony, and invite them to submit their best client projects from throughout the year. Here are some of the highlights from the night:

Sales Improvement of the Year: FASTSIGNS Crawley

FASTSIGNS Crawley achieved an impressive 40% uplift in sales over the last 12 months. A real testament to all the hard work and commitment, owners Melanie and Jose Martinez and Alan White, have put into the business since taking over the franchise in 2018. Having worked in the centre themselves for over 20 years, they took full advantage of their extensive experience, to deliver a structured marketing plan focused on building relationships with their existing customers.   

Melanie said of their success, “We took the business on that we have known for over 20 years and it’s the best thing we ever did. We’ve applied ourselves to our new roles as franchisees and put everything into making it work for us. This result shows we are on the right path!”

Project of the Year winner: FASTSIGNS Kingston

This award celebrates projects undertaken by our centres which are especially high value, go above and beyond their usual undertaking, or uniquely champions the brand. In 2019, FASTSIGNS Kingston was particularly deserving of special consideration for their extraordinary work with Legoland. In an extensive 4 month project, involving both full project management and 100 days of onsite installation, the Kingston team delivered exceptional customer satisfaction by creating an on-brand aesthetic to capture the imagination of children and adults alike.

FASTSIGNS Kingston’s Franchisee, Mark Phelps comments, “Legoland is a historic customer of ours, each year that we work with them they ask us to provide some fantastic signage. It’s a delight to bring this iconic brand to life through signage applications.”  

Comprehensive Customer Solutions Awards Winner: Simon and Friederike Slee, FASTSIGNS Hammersmith

2019’s award for helping customers to overcome their communication problems goes to Simon and Friederike Slee of Hammersmith FASTSIGNS for their Work on the Family Support solution.  Working with three facilities across Greater London, they effectively utilised new branding to raise awareness of their services in the local area and created informational and functional interior decor.

Simon and Friederike also showed singular flair in their creation of a brand mascot, Alby, who appeared in the majority of wall graphics which were utilised as interior decor features.

“Often when customers approach us for signage, they know they need a sign but they don’t know exactly what they need. It’s our job as the signage experts to grow the idea into functional signage. Alby grew from a passing comment made by the customers and it really bought the project to life.”

Franchisee of the Year Award: Simon Slee, FASTSIGNS Hammersmith

Simon Slee was also the 2019 winner of the much-coveted Franchisee of the Year award for exemplifying FASTSIGNS’ “More Than” Brand Promise. Simon has consistently gone the extra mile in supporting the brand, and the franchise network as a whole, and has shown that he is extremely knowledgeable in both production and sales. Among his many achievements, he has delivered an exceptional marketing plan that is already showing results, and has mentored the new Southampton branch through its first year with exceptional positivity and enthusiasm. Congratulations Simon!

“Winning the Franchisee of the Year accolade means so much to me, comments Simon, the FASTSIGNS network provide such a great service and I see that I have to give back in some way. I attend all events, be active and present within the group, offer younger centres the benefit of my experience and well as focusing on making my own centre a success.”

At FASTSIGNS, we believe in the dedication and commitment of every single franchise owner who operates a local centre within our 675+ centre network around the world. 

FASTSIGNS is more than just a franchise, it’s an opportunity to be part of a global family which prides itself on its extensive network of support and friendship. With FASTSIGNS, your business is your own, but you are not alone.

Have you got what it takes to stand out from the crowd and lead your own award-winning team? Contact us today to find out how a FASTSIGNS franchise can work for you.