FASTSIGNS CEO, Catherine Monson, keeps her eye on signage advancements. So, what will be the biggest trends in 2019 and how can you build a business which uses them?

The signage sector is a rapidly growing, with developments in technology pushing the industry in new and exciting directions. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of FASTSIGNS, Catherine Monson – a leading name in the global signs, graphics and visual communications industry – and her corporate team, strive to stay a minimum of  4-5 years ahead of current signage trends. This enables her franchise brand stay at the forefront of the signage industry. “We are seeing exciting developments in the types of signage the UK market is demanding,” she says.

“Throughout 2018, we saw UK brands start to implement some of the more stimulating signage technology, which we have been using in the USA for a couple of years.”  Catherine continues, “We have seen more and more customers choosing digital and interactive signage solutions, which they purchase alongside traditional signs and visual graphics. We are also seeing businesses recognise the value of great interior decor and how certain types of signage applications can quickly and easily transform a room, at a reasonable cost.

“In 2019, I believe the trends in signage and visual graphics that we’ve seen in 2018 will become bigger and be used more frequently,” Catherine says. “We’ll continue to see more integrated use of mixing digital signage with static signage. Companies of all sizes will increase their focus on branding,  using digital signage options in their architectural signage and interior décor.  FASTSIGNS can make digital signage more accessible; it will no longer just be the tool of the big brands, smaller companies will have access to the same technology, even with their potentially smaller budgets.”

As a business-to-business franchise, each FASTSIGNS centre assists local businesses with finding the right visual solution to help them overcome their communications challenges, no matter the size of the business or budget available.  FASTSIGNS can help businesses increase brand awareness, improve visitor experiences through a wayfinding and directional signage solution, or help deliver a fantastic event with temporary signs, plus so much more.

Each project is tailored to the customer’s requirement but could include a mix of impactful wall, window or floor graphics, digital screens, wrapped items of furniture, such as tables, chairs and office equipment, team uniform and wearables, the creation of point of sale literature, exhibition displays and car wraps, the visual communications opportunities are endless!

As signage technology continues to advance, Catherine believes the UK market is about to experience even more exciting visual opportunities. “I believe we will see more static signage with additional digital capabilities, such as 3D augmented reality,” she says. “Augmented reality really allows businesses to enhance their customers’ visual experiences. In traditional signs we are using substrates and materials that change colour, or are prismatic, so as the customer walks past, they see different images or colours.

As a franchisor, it is the FASTSIGNS corporate team’s role to scope out new products, understand their functionalities and possible uses for it in the signage industry.  The team then inform the franchisees of how to use and position them within the FASTSIGNS product offering. This means all of the research and development is done on behalf of the FASTSIGNS franchisees, who can deliver a premium service to their customer.

“Technological developments in how signage is produced is having a positive impact for our customers” Catherine continues. “With each new idea, a new opportunity arrives for our franchisees. This can be seen in how signage can be used to great effect for interior decor. Our franchisees are helping companies to create a culture by how they use walls, floors and ceilings of their spaces, with unique and spectacular architectural finishes. We have films which are adhesive-backed, and look like stone, brushed aluminium, leather or snakeskin. Our franchisees are creating some really dramatic environments for their clients.”

If, in 2019, you are looking for an exciting business, which offers creative and practical solutions to your customers, consider FASTSIGNS.