Is the fear of risk and uncertainty for you and your family stopping you from acting on your dream of running a business? Discover how a FASTSIGNS franchise can help.

Do you feel like your responsibilities and commitments hold you back? Or your own fears and self-doubt cause you to hesitate on stepping into something new?

You might be surprised at how common this is. When we look at successful people, from the side-lines it can seem as though they’ve achieved what they have with such certainty. However, scratch a little deeper and you’ll realise this is rarely the case. Most of the people you admire have been in your shoes: wondering whether or not to take the plunge into something new.

Sometimes, it feels like you simply have too much on to actually make a change in your career. Especially if you have a family you need to look after, or your current job takes up all your time – or both! People are attracted to franchises like FASTSIGNS for various reasons, but one of the biggest ones is because they want to make a positive change in their lives.

Whatever your reason, knowing the WHY behind what you want to change can help you feel more confident about actually making it happen. It becomes an ingrained value of who you are and what you’re living for, making it easier to leap to something new. Life has shown there will always be a reason to say “no”. So, be different. Say “yes!” to your dream future.

We understand this very well, because many of our franchisees went through this themselves before joining FASTSIGNS; yet they’ve gone on to become some of our most successful partners. A great example of this is Melanie Martinez, co-owner of FASTSIGNS Crawley, and co-winner of our Franchisee of the Year Award in 2021.

Melanie started out working for the previous franchise owner, in the office as a signage sales expert. When the opportunity to buy the business first presented itself, back in 2008, she realised this was exactly what she was after. She loved working at FASTSIGNS, and could clearly see how rewarding running her own franchise would be. However, she decided the timing wasn’t right for her and her family, so passed-up the opportunity.

It would be another 10 years before the chance to own the centre came up again, when the new owner decided to retire. This was it! This was the right time! Mel was ready, her family was in a good place… so with her husband, and a third FASTSIGNS friend, Mel leapt at the chance to invest in FASTSIGNS Crawley. Over the last three years, the team has worked hard, and FASTSIGNS Crawley is now one of the top performing franchises in the network, even through all the challenges of COVID. Mel had plenty of reasons not to say “yes” in 2008, but gained a new perspective on her initial decision, which meant she wasn’t going to turn down the offer a second time.

Her experiences of having built up such a successful centre, has meant Mel occasionally looks back on 2008, wishing she’d been braver. Now she’s the other side of her decision, she realises it was the right choice for her, and managing her family and work-life was easier than her fears had led her to believe it would be.

Building your own business takes hard work and commitment, even with the established business model and fantastic support FASTSIGNS offers you. But, promoting a healthy work-life balance has always been a big part of what we do. Stories like Mel’s prove it’s more than possible to embrace new opportunities, without compromising on what’s most important to you.  Change is always challenging, with elements of risk involved, but waiting for the “perfect time” is a dangerous game! Chances are it will never come! As one inspirational quote says, “Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself”. So, is this the time you created the better version of yourself for the future you want to give to your family?

Don’t miss out on what could be the best move you’ve ever made

Embrace the power of saying “yes”, by speaking to one of the FASTSIGNS team. We’re always happy to share as much information or advice as you need to decide on your next step, and would love to invite you to a Discovery Day, where we can give you more reasons to say YES to a franchise with us.