FASTSIGNS is a franchise model built on up-to-date technology and tools to create impactful signage. So it’s no surprise they have a new and cutting edge way to deliver training to their network.

At the end of 2018, FASTSIGNS launched a unique training tool for franchisees and centre staff. The FASTSIGNS Gamification app has been created to strengthen knowledge of signage, products and put training at the network’s fingertips.

“In a fast-paced industry like ours, we know just how quickly technology develops, it’s our duty to match the pace and ensure our franchisees and their staff are equipped with relevant skills and competencies,” explains FASTSIGNS UK’s managing director, John Davies.  “As a franchisor, we recognise that over time our workforce is changing and the way we train our staff needs to be reflective of that. In society most of us are attached to our phones, they are our communication tool, diary, calculator and camera, these devices are stitched into the fabric of life. That understanding has been the catalyst for developing our training into an app-based programme.”

Created by workforce platform, 1Huddle, the gamification app couples game mechanics with signage training and can be downloaded to a mobile device or tablet. FASTSIGNS staff can use the app, at a convenient time, to engage with the 1-2 minute long quiz based games. Each game is focused on an essential aspect of the FASTSIGNS model including training on products and services, customer service techniques, marketing and production practices. For each game played, points are accrued and players are positioned on the network-wide leaderboard. 

“Many of our UK franchisees have adopted the app and use it to structure their in-centre training,” says John. “Franchisees are using the app to develop their relationship with their staff, create healthy competition and add another layer to their internal culture, whilst also ensuring that their teams are highly skilled and able to provide the best service to customers.”  

 “By adding the Gamification app as a complementary tool to our 24-hour, core web-based training facility, the University of FASTSIGNS we are offering our network a future-focused learning aid that inspires, motivates and effectively supports the development of our franchised businesses.”