It’s not all doom and gloom out there. There’s still so much to celebrate, especially here among the FASTSIGNS family, with new centres opening, and milestone celebrations!

You’d be forgiven for thinking good news is hard to find in 2020! Here at FASTSIGNS, we’re marking some significant milestones, as four of our UK franchisees celebrated their 25th anniversary with us, this year! We’d like to take this opportunity to pass on our congratulations to them. All of their achievements have been truly impressive and we’re very proud to have played a part in their personal success stories.

Whilst many companies claim the same, FASTSIGNS really does think of all our franchisees as family. With almost 700 centres operating around the world, and 24 here in the UK, FASTSIGNS is a big family, one where every member is valued and supported. In fact, many of our franchisees are actually family teams.

A true family business

At FASTSIGNS Crawley, husband and wife, Jose and Mel Martinez, worked at the centre for 23 years before clubbing together with family friend and colleague, Alan White, to purchase the franchise for themselves. Their strong partnership has taken the Crawley centre to new heights, netting them our 2019 award for Sales Improvement of the Year. 

Multi-generational successes

With so many of our partners well into their third decade with us, we are seeing franchises being passed down to the next generation!

For example, father and son duo, Chris and Andy Simpson from FASTSIGNS Leeds, are among the network’s biggest stars. They are the current leaders in the UK in terms of turnover, and are very active within the franchise. Andy is one of our Central Marketing Fund board members and attends every training session he can. He is a key player within the network, supporting new franchisees as a FASTSIGNS mentor, using his extensive experience and expertise.

Likewise, Garth and Paul Allison, of FASTSIGNS Sheffield, are another impressive father and son pairing. In fact, Garth used to be the Managing Director of FASTSIGNS UK for many years before he started to run one of our most successful centres, with his familial dream team.

Under the leadership of John Harvey, FASTSIGNS Guildford has grown to become one of our top centres in terms of customer ratings and feedback, with a 100% NPS score for exceptional service in 2019. Now planning for his retirement, John has brought in his son, Max and intends to pass him the reins in the near future.

New faces ready to build
FASTSIGNS’ cutting-edge manufacturing technology and agile business model, perfectly positioned us to take advantage of an increased need for clear and thoughtful signage. It is what makes us an attractive business opportunity, and as a result, we were pleased to welcome two new faces to our network, who launched admist the pandemic:

Lekan Animashaun, who opened his new Brighton centre in August. “We were primed to launch in March, however the Pandemic hit so we took the decision to postpone our opening until August. It was the right decision and we had access to all of the FASTSIGNS support during the Summer months. When August arrived we were ready to jump in and start helping the businesses of Brighton with all of

Lee Simpson from St Alban’s, added FASTSIGNS to his existing operations, in October. “We’ve added the FASTSIGNS co-brand, because it is such a good fit with our existing in-house skill set and machinery,” Lee tells us. “FASTSIGNS gave us the perfect opportunity to reach a new audience and introduce additional revenue, using what we already have. We use the franchise’s experience and network to fill in any gap, or questions we have, as well as to be up-and-running as quickly as possible. We’re in a pandemic, so for me now is the time to broaden the product offering and customer-base to increase the future prospect of my business.”

We are very much looking forward to what Lekan and Lee can bring to the tea, and look forward to celebrating their 25th anniversary in the future, too!

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