FASTSIGNS’ industry expertise and cutting-edge technology means it not only meets the rising demand for quality signage, but also empowers its franchisees to provide comprehensive solutions for their customers’ changing needs.

Have you noticed the increasing signage popping up on windows, floors and… well, everywhere? From supermarkets, to pubs and restaurants, schools, universities, hospitals – even on the ground outside – signs are made to be seen. How we think about, and react to, signage in public spaces has been changed forever by the Covid-19 pandemic. There is an ever-increasing need for signage which can both inform and reassure, as well as for manufacturers who can rapidly adapt to changing circumstances. Which means, there is space for you in a growing arena, by investing in your own FASTSIGNS franchise.

According to a recent survey conducted by Roland DG, more than 40% of shoppers are put off entering stores which have unclear signage about how to stay Covid-safe. The survey also stated that 80% of consumers feel safer in stores which have clear social distancing signage, with 75% of consumers saying they are now more aware of in-store signage.

It is clear from this that consumers are coming to rely on public information more than ever before. The quality of the signage used to display the relevant information is having an increasing impact not only on customers’ day-to-day lives and wellbeing, but also the success and image of the companies that display them. This attitude may have been largely driven by the recent pandemic, but with the continuing uncertainty over the future, it is also one which is here to stay.

The FASTSIGNS franchise’s adaptability and flexibility, as well as its highly creative approach to problem solving, has meant it is perfectly placed to meet this rising demand. Its focus on producing clear and effective signage in a way that provides a bespoke solution to the problem at hand has allowed the company to take the lead in the market over the last six months. With more than 35 years’ experience and expertise to draw upon, FASTSIGNS franchisees are able to take full advantage of these new consumer behaviours and provide the kind of high-quality service which makes them stand out from the competition.

The advanced manufacturing technology FASTSIGNS uses also means customers do not need to resort to inferior products to meet their urgent needs for quality signage. It has a wealth of product offerings which can be tailored exactly to the customer’s needs. With the urgency and shifting landscape surrounding the pandemic, many businesses have opted for getting signage in place as quickly as possible rather than taking long-term needs into consideration. A decision which has been much to their detriment, as the survey shows. FASTSIGNS has been able to use its expertise to bridge the gaps between urgency, budgetary concerns and the need for well thought out signage strategies.

At the core of this success is the company’s understanding of what constitutes good, better and best, and its commitment to always delivering the latter.  Good signage is an off-the-peg product which meets an immediate need but may only be a short-term stopgap for the business. Better signage thinks about the future changeability of Covid, and allows for somehan future change.  Best signage, however, incorporates every aspect of the challenge at hand: all branding is clearly represented, every layout is carefully considered, all information and activity is clearly showcased, and a future-focus is built right into the use of all materials.

By adopting these principles, many FASTSIGNS franchisees have seen a significant increase in sales during the pandemic and are proving they are so much more than just signage manufacturers – they are industry leading innovators, helping their customers to create a safe and productive “new normal”. By joining this ever-growing network of market-leaders, franchisees have an unmissable opportunity to use both their creative flair and their entrepreneurial instincts to build their own successful business.

These principles not only apply to FASTSIGNS’ manufacturing techniques, of course, but also to how it operates its franchise. By combining world-class training and support, with a tried and tested business model which is operating across more than 700 centres, globally, FASTSIGNS is designed entirely with its franchisees’ success in mind. It is a model which is designed to be seen, and to stand out from the competition, even during uncertain times. 

Are you ready to rise to the challenge and deliver a product which represents the very best of what is possible in the signage and graphics industry? Contact us today to find out more about how you can benefit from being part of the FASTSIGNS team.