Attending a franchise exhibition allows you to research into multiple franchising opportunities, in one place. These busy events provide a wealth of information that potential franchise owners need. Hannah Evans-Janosi, Marketing Manager for FASTSIGNS UK, describes her first-ever franchise exhibition experience.

The National Franchise Exhibition was held at the NEC in Birmingham, in October. This was Hannah’s first time at an exhibition, as she represented FASTSIGNS UK. “During my employment with FASTSIGNS, I have been responsible for franchise development marketing. However, I have not had the opportunity to attend this event in person previously,” she explains.

“During the two-day event, my role was to be on the stand and answer any questions event attendees had about the FASTSIGNS franchise opportunity and franchising in general. The questions people asked included queries about the nature of support offered, the setup process, what experience they required and the all-important financial information.” 

Hannah believes the exhibition proved to be a beneficial opportunity for both FASTSIGNS and people interested in finding a franchise they can invest in. “It was great to see the variety of franchised business opportunities available to entrepreneurs. I thought the calibre of attendees was high and if they were seriously considering franchising, as a way to launch their own businesses, attending the event was a must.”

Hannah continues, “It was also a great opportunity for me to meet prospective franchisees, who are at the start of their franchise journey. In my role as marketing manager, being able to understand the information that they may need to help them make an informed decision about a franchised business, is critically important.” 

 “We already provide information about franchising with FASTSIGNS on our website, in regular emails and other marketing communication. So knowing how we can better help people as they look for the right opportunity, with the information they want to know, was a valuable lesson gained from being at the exhibition.”

The value of attending a Franchise Exhibition is clear for prospective franchisees as well, “I see attending one of the shows as being an unmissable part of the research process. If you are looking to purchase a franchised business, the educational seminars provide you with vital information and you can speak directly, there and then, to representatives of a variety of franchise brands. It really is a great opportunity for you to mine information quickly and efficiently.”

From FASTSIGNS’ previous exhibition attendance, Hannah knows the most important aspect of being at a show, is the follow-up. Supporting those who have requested further information as they look to make important decisions for their futures, is crucial.

“Everyone we spoke to at this year’s show, will have the opportunity to attend an individual  Discovery Day at the FASTSIGNS UK Support Centre. This is a calmer environment than the exhibition and means we, as a team, can engage directly with people about the detail of the FASTSIGNS franchise. I see this as being the next step people will need, as they consider their futures. Attending a Discovery Day isn’t a definite yes, but it does give you the freedom to find out more about who we are and the franchise opportunity.”

If you are interested in attending a FASTSIGNS Discovery Day yourself, please contact Hannah to find out how. She would love the opportunity to discuss supporting your future into business ownership, with the FASTSIGNS franchise.