Whether you consider yourself a whizz kid or a tech newbie, a FASTSIGNS franchise gives you everything you need to operate at the very cutting edge of the signage world.

How quickly do you embrace new technology? Do you dive straight into all the latest gadgets, or do you prefer to stick with what you know?

There’s no doubt the rate at which new technology seems to be arriving is gaining momentum. Some of us may remember a time before laptops and mobile phones and recognise just how much the world has changed since then. Even younger generations are constantly adapting to the latest tech.

The signage industry is no different.
The signage industry is becoming increasingly technology-driven, which we’ve found to be hugely positive, both for our franchise partners and their customers.  Advancing technology provides greater operational efficiency and faster turnaround times have helped all our franchisees to quickly respond to customers’ changing needs. 

This was most evident during the pandemic. Many of our customers required new signage to help protect their customers. Public bodies like schools, universities and hospitals had to adapt quickly to changing circumstances. Thanks to our cutting-edge signage manufacturing tech, our franchisees met this shift in demand, kept their centres busy during a difficult time and helped the local community in its hour of need. More recently, this reputation for efficiency and innovation has helped a number of our franchisees scoop contracts with big-name brands and large public institutions.

Signage technological advancements
Modern technology is assisting our business in many areas. On the environmental front, one tactic FASTSIGNS is embracing is the use of UV curable print technology and eco-solvent inks, which release less waste into the atmosphere, promoting a cleaner environment. As well as, promoting more efficient manufacturing methods, which can lead to less carbon and greenhouse gases being released, greatly reducing energy consumption.

We’ve always been keen to help our franchisees access the latest technology. The rise of digital signage offers customers new and innovative ways to think about their signage, allowing them to use it in a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly way. Digital signs can be updated at any time, without the need for new printed displays, so customers can stay flexible and agile in their messaging. For our franchisees, it’s proving to be a great source of revenue, whilst enhancing their reputation as market leaders.

Developments in digital technology are also helping our network behind the scenes. By harnessing the power of AI, FASTSIGNS has developed our own proprietary system, which allows our franchisees to harness efficiencies when developing design optimisation, focusing on customer engagement and analysing data. Through this technology, we’re able to take a more data-driven approach to tracking sales and providing the best possible service to all our customers.

It’s certainly a very exciting time!
While we never lose sight of the systems and processes which have made us so successful in the past, embracing new technology is driving the whole FASTSIGNS franchise in some very interesting new directions.

However, if you’re completely new to this kind of technology, we appreciate it might seem daunting. Just because you may not be especially tech-minded, this shouldn’t put you off investing in your own signage business, with a FASTSIGNS franchise – quite the opposite, in fact!

Our franchisees may be in business for themselves, but they are never by themselves. Our training and support will empower you to develop the skills you need with any of our tech processes and we’ll always be there to offer you help and advice.

FASTSIGNS is a management franchise, meaning you’ll oversee your own balanced team: Love technology, but not so good at sales? No problem! Hire a sales guru. Are you a highly creative project manager, but like to leave the tech to others? Great! A FASTSIGNS franchise is all about helping talented individuals play to their strengths, by creating a team which brings out the best in everyone.

Harness the power of today
Contact us today to discover how we can work together to embrace the incredible possibilities the future of signage holds, when you invest in your own FASTSIGNS business.