Partnering with FASTSIGNS means more than just running an exciting and dynamic business. It can also mean you’ll attract the attention of some pretty serious clients! 

Having that one, big high-profile client who sends big projects your way for years to come is gold dust for any business. FASTSIGNS Kingston scooped themselves our Project of the Year award back in 2019 for just such a contract with Legoland in Windsor which saw them delivering an innovative range of signage right across the theme park. 

Legoland could not have been happier with the work that was carried out, so it was only natural that they would approach FASTSIGNS Kingston again for their next big project. 

The project:

As part of their 90th birthday celebrations, Legoland commissioned design specialist Katapult to carry out a full brand refresh of all their sites worldwide. Of course, this new “Rebuild the World” initiative, as it came to be called, required each theme park to replace much of its existing graphics and signage. 

A huge challenge in itself, but here was the kicker: all the new sites were set to launch the same weekend, so the project absolutely had to be completed on time, and exactly to spec, or the whole worldwide project would be in jeopardy.

With such a large scope in front of them, Legoland turned to a partner who had already shown they could deliver on their promises. FASTSIGNS Kingston were commissioned to replace and update 60 different window graphics, install dozens of flags, banners, and internal graphics, and create new wayfinding signs right across the theme park. 

The creative process:

We’re sure we don’t need to tell you just how high expectations were on this project as Legoland is one of the world’s most recognisable brands and their Windsor theme park is considered one of the most popular in the UK. The FASTSIGNS Kingston team had to use every ounce of their creative and technical expertise to deliver an incredible result – especially when it came to the absolute deadline they were working up against.

The client not only required a quick and efficient delivery, but also a range of solutions which would maximise the impact of the new signage. Thanks to their experience and expertise, and to the advanced techniques available to them through the FASTSIGNS franchise, the Kingston team were able to create signage, which was not only highly effective, but contributed to the overall aesthetic of the brand. 

To make it work, the team used a variety of cutting-edge materials and processes and were able to deliver an exceptionally high standard of work which is sure to boost their reputation with Legoland even further.

Helping you find your next big client

FASTSIGNS Kingston’s success demonstrates the scale and standard of work that can be achieved with the FASTSIGNS model. Of course, not everyone can hope for one major client as huge as Legoland, but FASTSIGNS Kingston are far from the only one of our franchisees to form long-lasting and lucrative relationships with key businesses in their territories.

For example, FASTSIGNS Leeds has already attracted repeat custom from two large shopping centres in their area and was recently nominated for an award for their work with the local university. Others have distinguished themselves by forming links with local authorities and NHS trusts – all key partners who keep coming back for more once they understand the quality FASTSIGNS franchisees can offer. 

Joining the FASTSIGNS franchise is all about feeling empowered to deliver on high-end projects like this one at Legoland, and to have the confidence in your business to attract rewarding, long-term clients. So, whether you are already in the signage business or are looking for a way to enter this highly rewarding industry, our franchise offers you a way to deliver the kind of visual communication and marketing strategies that can help you, and your customers, stand out from the crowd. 

Are you ready to land that next big client? Or will it be the one that gets away? Get in touch today to find out working with us can help you to deliver the very best of what is possible in the signage and graphics industry.