Don’t wait for the perfect moment to come to you – life is what you make of it. Your time is now! And FASTSIGNS might be able to help you seize the day!

Do you often say you’ll start something, miss your self-imposed deadline and then convince yourself it’s not the right time? Do you then spend time thinking you’ll do it but you have to wait for another set of great circumstances before you consider starting again? It’s a vicious cycle.

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. This kind of thinking is common! But, when it comes to transforming your life and career for the better, why wait?

Somehow though, it just never seems to be the ‘the right time’ to make the change. Especially, when it comes to taking the leap into starting your own business. There are so many things to consider: Maybe you’re waiting until the economy seems to be more stable, or for interest rates to drop. Maybe it’s a question of choosing when you can afford to hand in your notice at your current job, or for your kids to move to the next school. Perhaps you’re even just waiting until you feel more confident about your skills and ability.

If you’re holding out for the perfect time… you could be waiting a while. There will always be some reason not to do it. But, in our experience, the perfect time is when you make it so! Especially when taking control of your career. Franchising offers a way to reduce your risks and give yourself a head start, which is where FASTSIGNS comes in. By offering a proven business model, extensive training and continuing support, we take the edge off making such a big change.

We’ve already helped hundreds of aspiring business owners, just like you, to achieve their ambition of running their own successful business. We understand what it takes to make any time, the perfect time to get started. With our help, you might even find that great things can be born out of some of the most challenging of circumstances.

In fact, some of our most talented and successful franchisees started at times which turned out to be far less than ideal. For example, Richard Wedgwood and Nick Ratcliffe of FASTSIGNS Manchester, started their business right in the middle of the financial collapse of 2008. It was a brave move! But, the business is now our 5th largest centre in the UK network, with an annual turnover of over £750k. They have also received a number of awards, proving ambition and determination joined with our recession-resilient business model, are truly a winning combination.

More recently, all our franchises who started their businesses during the pandemic, or in the turbulent economic times which followed, are also doing extremely well. 2020 may have seemed like the worst of times for most businesses, but the signage industry actually experienced a major boom with a huge surge in demand from all manner of brands and public bodies. It proved to be an excellent platform for all our franchisees – including those new to the network.

It just goes to show how much the right mindset plays in achieving success than “the times.” So, the big questions have to be: Where are you in your journey? What’s holding you back?

If it’s a matter of feeling like you don’t have the right information to hand, then please reach out and ask us any questions about how a FASTSIGNS franchise will work for you. We’re happy to talk about what we do, and have a vast amount of resources available to help your decision-making process.

We appreciate, even with the amazing head start joining a franchise like FASTSIGNS can give you, this is a huge, life-changing decision you’re considering. By all means, take your time, and make absolutely sure this is what you want to do. But, strike a balance between being prepared and being decisive. Whilst planning and preparation is essential, waiting too long could result in missed opportunities and unrealised potential.

Ultimately, it comes down to you, not “the times”. Only you can decide to seize the opportunity and make the right decision for your future self.

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