A FASTSIGNS centre can appear to be a job of physical and manufacturing skill, however it can also offer a creative vista for the more artistic character.

When customers approach a FASTSIGNS centre for signage they have more often than not only considered one specific element of their signage. They may believe they only need a banner to promote their event or happening, however, they will most likely have not considered other signage or marketing options available to them that will to help them promote their project more successfully. The sheer variety of signage applications, visual communication and marketing strategies that FASTSIGNS can deliver allows creative licence, offering alternatives and delivering additional solutions to the customer’s needs.

Customers often have elements of the design aesthetic they wish to achieve from their signage or visuals projects. These elements could include their logo or a colour pallet but they don’t possess the design skill to create extraordinary designs, which reflect their brand but could also be manipulated across numerous types of signage. FASTSIGN’S creative skill helps customers to focus what they need from their signage and we can also help them to think a little bigger to develop their vision into signage that exceeds their expectations.

Creativity can also be explored in the materials that are used to create the signage or visual communication. An example of this is the large number of finishes that can now be achieved for wall graphics. These days the vinyl used to create wall graphics is really an adhesive canvas that can be digitally printed on to and uses the texture of the vinyl to accentuate the design concept with finishes such as matt, gloss and textures such as felt!

Even the addition of illumination to a sign can aid the imagination when developing innovative signs for customers, FASTSIGNS could include intrinsic lighting to a sign, develop a backlighting system or illuminate the sign from the front. All of these different lighting concepts change the way a sign could look.

This creativity is unbridled as far as one, pretty major constraint for most customers, their budget. Knowing the customers available funds for their project is a key elements of getting their signage right first time and can make the challenge of coming up with fantastic signs even more exciting. The budget allows FASTSIGNS centres to work with the customers vision using a creative mix of appropriate materials and signage applications.

Who knew that creation of signage could be so exciting!