How FASTSIGNS has helped and supported its franchisees during the pandemic shows how the franchise is about so much more than just signs – it’s a cohesive, supportive network which can overcome even the most challenging of circumstances.

To say COVID-19 has sent shockwaves around the business world is a massive understatement. Many companies have found they simply do not have the kind of resilient and robust business models needed to weather such a storm. Being part of a franchise like FASTSIGNS, however, means having access to a recognised brand, innovative technology and an extensive network of fellow industry experts.

Over the months since the global pandemic hit the UK, FASTSIGNS has pulled out all the stops to make sure its franchisees are not only able to survive, but to thrive. Rather than slowing operations, the international senior management team seized the initiative and rapidly set-up a shared Coronavirus Resource site online, so that franchisees all around the world could access the information and support they needed.

Weekly briefings from FASTSIGNS CEO, Catherine Monson, made sure everybody in the network was kept up to date on emerging situations and developments. These calls were not just about sharing information, but also ensuring that every member of the network felt connected and knew they could pool each others’ strengths, information, experiences and expertise to develop effective solutions. In the UK, working for the benefit of the entire network, a task force of five of the most experienced and dynamic franchisees was set-up to spearhead any action which needed to be taken and to help implement the many ideas and initiatives unearthed from the network. This expertise also proved to be highly effective in assisting the various branches obtain the available relief from the government, helping to keep everyone re-assured of receiving the very best support. 

Being part of a franchise like FASTSIGNS is not just about investing in a tried and tested business model. With more than 35 years of successful growth under their belt, this is not the first time FASTSIGNS has had to adapt to difficult economic circumstances. With the industry knowledge, they have gained opening more than 700 different centres, in ten countries, flexibility and adaptability are built right into the heart of their business model.

Among its many emergency response initiatives, FASTSIGNS in the UK focused on helping the 23 franchisees to develop robust business plans, that modelled for several potential scenarios over the coming months. Proactive marketing plans were brought into play to support franchisees in their local marketing efforts. The brand maintained a digital marketing presence, including activities such as Pay Per Click advertising and social media when many competitors chose to reduce spending. This strategic decision to keep the lines of communication active has proved fruitful as the market has begun to reopen.

One of the other aspects which makes FASTSIGNS so unique and thriving as a franchise is how it works with its customers, and prides itself on always going the extra mile. Rather than just focusing on internal concerns during the crisis, FASTSIGNS recognised that it would need to work together with local business customers to help them adapt to the “new normal”.

Using its innovative technology and state-of-the-art signage techniques, FASTSIGNS was among the first to produce social distancing signage packs to support essential businesses. It also ensured that weekly email communications were sent out to all its customers on behalf of franchisees to keep them informed of the latest developments. It is this adaptable and supportive approach which has helped the company to grow a loyal customer base over the decades and keeps the franchise always one step ahead of the competition.

Joining an established franchise like FASTSIGNS is the first step in taking control of your destiny and being ready to face whatever the future brings our way. Find out how you can benefit from being part of the world’s number one graphics and signage company.