Effective signage solutions have applications that go beyond just the commercial world, as some of our most successful franchisees have proven.

When we think of signage, we envisage eye-catching displays promoting businesses or guiding customers. The purpose of great signage is not just to convey information, but to transform how companies communicate with their target audience. Our franchisee’s ability to deliver unique and innovative signage solutions also creates exciting opportunities and lucrative revenue streams, within the education sector. 

Universities offer a particularly unique opportunity for large-scale, repeat business. Large campuses operate like small towns, with a huge range of facilities. Not only do they have dozens, if not hundreds of lecture halls and classrooms, but have other key destinations such as residences, libraries, health centres and even shopping districts. Wayfinding is essential for the thousands of people who live, work and study there, making visually impactful and easily understood signage a valuable resource we can offer. The kind of signage solutions our franchisees can deliver – such as directional signs, campus maps and information boards – have already proven vitally important for students and educators, alike.  

Effective wayfinding is crucial for the thousands of residents, workers, and students in the area.  

However, the purely functional applications of signage in educational settings are just the beginning, as we can also create signage that plays a role in shaping the educational experience itself. From vibrant wall graphics and motivational quotes to interactive displays and learning aids, signage can inform and inspire students.  

FASTSIGNS offer digital displays, interactive touch screens, and dynamic content management systems for educational purposes.

With the rise of e-learning and digital education platforms, there’s growing demand for, and high expectations of, digital signage in educational institutions. FASTSIGNS franchisees have been quick to capitalise on this trend, offering digital displays, interactive touch screens and dynamic content management systems to create immersive learning experiences, both in the classroom and beyond.  

There are dozens of great examples from around the UK of how FASTSIGNS franchisees have helped customers in the education sector, from university hospitals to small, local schools and libraries. However, two examples of education projects we’re especially proud of were provided by FASTSIGNS’ Gloucester and Manchester, respectively.

Wayfinding signage at Hartpury University & College, which was provided by the FASTSIGNS Gloucester team.

FASTSIGNS Gloucester for Hartpury University & College 

FASTSIGNS Gloucester team were contracted by Hartpury University & College who set them a unique challenge. Their sprawling, rural campus covers over 350 acres, making wayfinding signage a top priority to help students navigate the site. The university also wanted signs which could communicate both the essence of their brand, as a centre of excellence and the unique character of the campus. 

The Gloucester team worked closely with the university to create an overall strategy which was then delivered using a variety of cutting-edge solutions, like different mediums to specifically suit each location, from conventional PVC boards to magnetic and digital displays.

Wayfinding signage set up by the FASTSIGNS Manchester team at the Manchester Metropolitan University.

FASTSIGNS Manchester for Manchester Metropolitan University 

Shortly after the pandemic, when many educational institutions were preparing to reopen, the FASTSIGNS Manchester team were contacted by the Manchester Metropolitan University. They wanted to take advantage of the pause to revamp their wayfinding and information signage, which required the FASTSIGNS team to manufacture and install more than 900 individual signs.  

Not only were FASTSIGNS Manchester able to provide a clear and consistent strategy, but they also provided a clean, modern look that allowed key information to be conveyed effectively and stylishly. 

Of course, it’s not just universities which can become fantastic customers for FASTSIGNS franchisees, but a whole range of public sector bodies: hospitals, civic offices, leisure centres, you name it! By combining your skills and creative problem-solving with our cutting-edge technology and highly adaptive business model, the FASTSIGNS franchise empowers you to tap into a diverse range of fantastic revenue streams.

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