What you can achieve as a FASTSIGNS franchisee is about so much more than just producing signs! It is about having a game-changing role in almost every key industry in the UK.

When you’re looking for the right franchise opportunity, there are a number of factors you need to consider. How strong the brand is, how much it costs, how much support you receive, to name just a few. Not least of all in your considerations, you will want to ask: just how much demand is there for the product or service on offer, and how big is the potential market?

No doubt you are aware of just how prevalent signage is everywhere in our society. If you’ve already started looking into the FASTSIGNS franchise, you’ve probably noticed it even more – in public spaces and shops, inside offices and construction spaces and not to mention all the extra signage being used for COVID safety management. 

However, you might be surprised exactly how important a role it plays in every aspect of our lives, and exactly how muchdemand there is for the kind of high-quality signage that FASTSIGNS is able to offer: 

The most obvious example, as you will certainly have seen over the last year, is within Healthcare. There’s always been a strong demand for clear signage within this sector, enabling people to navigate hospitals and care facilities, easily. Both patients and professionals benefit. But, it is also essential for signage to also be accessible to a variety of audiences, many of whom may be sick, in pain, of limited physical capability, or seeking reassurance they’re in good hands. For this reason, FASTSIGNS’ customers need to feel confident their signage is of the highest possible, professional standard. 

Within the education sector, the quality of signage used in schools and colleges is actually a key metric used by OFSTED and other accreditation bodies. It not only provides important information about school operations and safety procedures, but is an integral element of the education process. Effective signage also contributes a great deal to the overall culture within a school, and can help to create the kind of learning environment where children can feel safe and reach their full potential. 

Across construction and manufacturing, the benefits of great signage are even more obvious. There is a constant need for signage to communicate essential health & safety information, as well as clearly directing tradesmen and suppliers. 

In hospitality and retail, good signage helps deliver powerful and effective messages about seasonal events, sales, and promotions, and also helps customers discover the client’s services. 

Likewise, in sports & leisure, new methods to manage crowds of people, and help keep them safe will need to be deployed in such a way, it doesn’t detract from how the brand, and its services, are promoted. 

All of these areas require quality and reassuring signage, which has become increasingly important, in the wake of the pandemic. The constantly shifting nature of lockdown restrictions, combined with the change to how consumers behave, means flexible and adaptive signage is needed now, more than ever.

This is why we can confidently say, as a franchised business offering, FASTSIGNS is about so much more than just sign creation. With your own FASTSIGNS franchise, you’ll offer your customers practical solutions so they can implement a comprehensive signage strategy. By using a combination of advanced manufacturing technology, creativity, and strategic thinking, FASTSIGNS helps customers enhance almost every aspect of their offering: for our commercial customers, we want to help them stand out from the crowd. For customers operating in informational and public services, we want to help them deliver their message in the most effective way possible.

The demand for innovative producers like FASTSIGNS who can take signage to the next level will always be high. With almost 40 years’ experience in the industry, across more than 750 centres, internationally, we know exactly how to bring creativity and technology together to deliver maximum impact for our customers, whichever industry they work in. And we know how to help you achieve the same success. 

Whether you are looking to start a completely new business in partnership with us, or just want to add FASTSIGNS to your current offering, you can be confident you’ll be investing in a business with fantastic growth potential and a proven track record. Contact us today to find out more.