Whatever your background and experience, the FASTSIGNS franchise is the perfect opportunity for building your own successful business in a highly lucrative industry.

Like you, most people visiting our site will be in one of two categories: those already in the signage industry who want to grow their existing company and those with no experience of signage, but who recognise a great business opportunity when they see one. If you are in the latter, you are probably aware of just how successful FASTSIGNS is and want to know how to get involved, but maybe you’re concerned about how to break into an industry you know very little about. After all, signage manufacturing is very technical, and uses a lot of specialist machinery – especially here at FASTSIGNS, where we pride ourselves on using the most cutting-edge techniques available.

Which is why our franchise opportunity is designed to provide you with all the expertise and knowledge you require to build your own successful business. You certainly don’t need any experience in the signage industry – all you need is the desire to build your own profitable business, and the drive and ambition to make it work for you.

Use your experience for something new At FASTSIGNS, we already have the extensive knowledge and experience to help you become a market leader in the industry. Our comprehensive training programme is designed to teach you how to be successful, in all areas of your FASTSIGNS business and enable you to pass those skills to your team in the most effective way possible. We will not only make sure you have everything you need to make your franchise successful, we will continue to support you with advice, guidance and further training throughout your partnership with us.

In fact, it might surprise you to learn some of our most successful partners actually had no connection with signage manufacturing, before investing in their FASTSIGNS business. Whilst we are looking for people who have some experience in management and running a successful team, our franchisees have come from careers as wide ranging as digital creatives, teachers and even military personnel.

Like our franchisees, you can be successful We strongly believe the variety of experience of our franchisees contributes to the strength of our brand, whilst empowering each franchisee to build on their own merits. A huge part of our success as a franchise comes from helping people like you achieve their full potential, by bringing their complimentary skills to our service.

For example, Richard Wedgewood of FASTSIGNS Manchester, who worked as an International Sales Director for a ceramics firm, used the FASTSIGNS franchise to achieve his life-long ambition of working for himself. His centre is now one of our top five sales turnover centres in the UK. Mark Phelps owner of FASTSIGNS Kingston, came from a marketing background and has created some award-winning client projects, including the FASTSIGNS Project of the Year 2019 for his work with Legoland. Or we have Glenn Turnbull from FASTSIGNS Portsmouth, who joined us following a career in CD distribution.

Another great example is the double award-winning husband and wife team who own FASTSIGNS Hammersmith. Simon Slee, who moved into signage from stock brokering and Friederike Slee was a landscape gardener before they decided to invest in their franchise.

Plug the gaps with the right team around you With our training, all of these franchisees, and more, were able to take the skills they had and use

them to drive their career in a new direction. In the same way, we will also do everything we can to help you build a highly effective team around your collective capabilities to ensure that you can grow your own FASTSIGNS business. If you look at any of the above teams, you will find a balance of skills. Some of our franchisees are keen to have a hands-on role in signage manufacturing, whilst others prefer a more managerial or marketing-based role, employing others to handle the technical side. Adaptability and flexibility are built into everything we do here at FASTSIGNS, from our products and service, to the way in which we treat our staff and franchisees. You can expect this same commitment from us, as you grow your own successful FASTSIGNS business.

So, don’t let a lack of knowledge of signs hold you back from a great new career. With our help, what sets you apart could be exactly what takes you to even greater heights! Contact us today to discover how you can transform and use your unique skills to reach the forefront of the creative signage industry.