At this year’s annual bfa HSBC Franchise Awards, FASTSIGNS is honoured to be shortlisted for a brand new award introduced this year.

The Annual bfa HSBC Awards are the highlight of the franchising calendar, especially when you’ve been shortlisted for an award, as FASTSIGNS have been! For 2023, a new category was introduced: Franchisor Trailblazer of the Year, and we knew it was the right category for us, given the commitment we’re making to leading the march toward sustainable signage.

FASTSIGNS has been franchising for around four decades, and so is proven to be resilient through all the challenges we encounter through time. But when it comes to reducing business carbon footprint, the signage industry isn’t known as being a particularly green sector.

But John Davies, FASTSIGNS UK Managing Director, believes this is what helped us to stand out for this award. “At FASTSIGNS, we’re committed to ensuring our franchisees’ businesses always stand the test of time. Not from the back, but by leading the way. Which is why we knew we had to enter this award, on behalf of our whole network. Sustainable signage is not something many people may know about – so we’re excited to be able to show just how viable our greener solutions are – for our customers, for others in franchising, and especially for the growth of our network’s businesses.”

The British Franchise Association (bfa) are the UK’s franchising trade association, working for over 40 years to raise the profile of the franchise industry, and provide a safeguard for people looking at franchising. Their annual British Franchise Awards, sponsored by HSBC, celebrates and supports excellence in ethical franchising.

Pip Wilkins, CEO of the bfa says, “We would like to offer our enormous congratulations to all this year’s finalists and applaud their enthusiasm, dedication and tenacity for continuing to uphold our highest standards. It truly was amazing to read of all the amazing work being done in the UK franchising sector.”

And as, Gillian Morris, UK Head of Franchise HSBC says, “Shortlisting candidates for the bfa HSBC British Franchise Awards is one of the toughest challenges of the year. Once more, candidates were of a high standard; it was tough to shortlist just a few entries.”

We’ll find out on Thursday 9th November, if we have won our category, but in the meantime, we’re happy to shout about our achievements and helping our franchisees lead the way towards a greener future for signage.