The results are in! With a new Labour government, what does this mean for businesses in the UK? After nearly 5 years of uncertainty, could franchising be one of the few beacons of stability and growth in a changing world? 

Thanks to the recent General Election, and the proposed reforms Labour are promising, we’re highly likely to begin seeing changes in both social and economic policy of one sort or another, which may feel like a daunting prospect for businesses, working towards achieving their future goals. An alternative view from the outcome of the General Election, is that change can herald great commercial opportunities. For someone considering starting a business, it’s natural to be wondering if now is a good time to take that leap of faith into business ownership, but we would challenge you to see it as the perfect time.    

From a governmental perspective, there is comfort in knowing the country’s leadership will be stable for a further four to five years. This creates an opportunity to launch and grow your business into early maturity, before you face another potential change in governance and policy. If you’re considering franchising you can also trust in the knowledge that franchise brands, with established histories, have weathered many changes in leadership administration throughout their time.   

When FASTSIGNS launched in 1985 in Dallas Texas, Ronald Regan held the White House. When the business reached the shores of the UK in 1995, John Major was at the helm of the UK. Since both of these company milestones, each country has experienced significant development in their governmental practice. At FASTSIGNS, we have grown into an established franchise brand, with over 760 centres operating through independent franchisees.  

With nearly four decades of trading behind us, we can confidently tell you that in business, there will always be operational considerations that could be influenced by governmental policy. However, we don’t believe that equates to a reason for not launching your own business, you mere 

Richard Wedgwood launched his FASTSIGNS franchise, in Manchester, amid the 2008 economic crisis. Having taken a redundancy package from his corporate career, Richard launched his centre and believed that through hard work, flexibility and working to the model, he would succeed. 16 years later, FASTSIGNS Manchester is one of the flagship centres of the UK FASTSIGNS network.  

Lee Simpson opened FASTSIGNS St Albans in 2020, during the first lockdown… some might have said that was a risky move! Lee saw it as an opportunity to learn about his new business and hit the ground running when the world decided it was ready to press play again. In 2023, Lee was named the FASTSIGNS UK ‘Franchisee of the Year’ and grew his business by an impressive 85% in the previous financial year.     

Whilst neither of these two examples is specifically related to the changes brought about by a General Election, they do show that there is never a ‘perfect time’ to launch a business. There will always be risks and challenges, but there are ways to safely navigate uncertainty, create stability and bring about sustained growth. – isn’t that everything you expect to achieve when launching a new venture?   

Partnering with a well-established franchise, like FASTSIGNS, can help you navigate the uncertainty of launching a business, during governmental change. We can offer:  

A robust business model  
As they say, this is not our first rodeo! Especially when you realise how different the world was 35 years ago. There have been recessions, changes in Government, and even pandemics. As a franchise, we’ve come out stronger by always adapting our business model and constantly building on our strengths. We’ve overcome every obstacle and challenge so you can benefit from the stable and reliable business model we’ve created.

A secure revenue stream and customer base 
Politicians may come and go, but great signage never goes out of demand. Customers’ exact needs may change over time, but the flexibility and adaptability, built into how our franchisees can work, means they’re always ready to exceed expectations. As part of a larger network with access to greater resources, FASTSIGNS franchisees’ enjoy the kind of constant innovation and improvement which keeps them at the top of their game.  

A framework of support and collaboration 
Uncertainty may be incredibly challenging for small businesses, but franchising offers you a unique blend of independence and support; a winning formula for unpredictable times. You can enjoy all the benefits of business ownership, with the backing of a powerful global network. With comprehensive training, ongoing support and access to a broader network of franchisees, you’ll never have to face your future in business alone.  

We can’t tell you what will happen once the dust settles after this election. But, we can tell you we’ll always be stronger together as a franchise network! So, join a business designed not only to survive, but to thrive. Contact us today, to find out more about starting your own FASTSIGNS franchise.