Having devoted yourself to raising your children, even pausing career goals to provide the best opportunities for them, but what happens when they choose to fly the nest. FASTSIGNS’ CEO, Catherine Monson believes FASTSIGNS could be your next big focus.

Life isn’t a constant. There are many changes to navigate and deal with, some easier than others. For a lot of stay at home parents, one of the biggest challenges is the change of how the house feels when children fly the nest. Some people, however, see it as a new opportunity for them, personally and are excited at the future.

As Catherine Monson, CEO of FASTSIGNS discusses success is a personal decision. It isn’t something we should allow society to construct for us. “I think we all have to determine our own definition of what success is. If a parent wants to be the best care giver to seven children, they are making a commitment up until the children choose to leave home. This is a full-time commitment. So when the time comes and their role changes, they will need a new focus for their life.

“Each of us determines what we want to pursue as a career, then we spend our energy, intellect, knowledge, skills, strength and time on achieving this goal. Within FASTSIGNS, we have decades’ experience of supporting people who have the ambition to run their own business. This includes people looking for a fresh start after a big change, like an empty nest.”

Since she was in High School, Catherine always wanted to be a CEO and devoted her whole life to not only achieving her goal, but doing it to the best of her ability. “Not everyone can be a CEO, just because of the demands at this level. Although I don’t have children of my own, no person should think they need to give up their family for the sake of success. Having a family is success, if this was your dream. I know of CEOs who are successfully raising a family, supported by a strong network.

“I personally don’t know of any CEOs working just 10 hours a week with lots of work-life balance; the job we do can be 24/7, at times. This was my personal definition of success; I am very happy and know I am where I should be, although I wouldn’t recommend anyone adopts my particular lifestyle. Whilst some people do look up to me as a role model, I appreciate the areas I have personally chosen to sacrifice over the years.”

The FASTSIGNS franchise offers people the means to redefine success, with a fully supported business ownership opportunity they will excel with. “At FASTSIGNS, our model focuses on each of our FASTSIGNS centres being more than just a signage company. Our franchisees provide comprehensive visual solutions to customers, which we have found offers value to our business owners.

“FASTSIGNS franchisees can easily just fulfil customers’ orders for signs, however they are usually more successful when they visit the customer’s premises, as a fully-trained, knowledgeable and marketing-savvy signage experts. By taking advantage of the training FASTSIGNS provides, you can become an expert at seeing beyond the initial, ‘I need a sign for my business’ to help your customers stand out to their customers.”

The FASTSIGNS opportunity allows you to build a business that suits your needs, focusing on your strengths and hiring the right team to help you deliver the full FASTSIGNS service. As someone who has devoted a number of years to raising your family, you’ll be surprised at the number of skills you have gained and become expert at. From project management, to budget creation and management, to working to deadlines and keeping people happy. So, why not use these attributes for your own business!

“FASTSIGNS has a lot of franchisees who choose which area of their business they take ownership of, whether it’s focusing on new sales, graphic design or the physical sign-making. This is the perfect opportunity FASTSIGNS affords anyone: to choose how you want to work within your new business and how you want to pursue personal goals.”

Just because your situation at home has changed, doesn’t mean you have to let go of the desire to be your best version. A FASTSIGNS business means you can still be in control of your home life and continue to be there for people who need your expertise. They just may no longer be living under your roof.

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