How the FASTSIGNS franchise has coped with the difficulties of the last year shows there is much to be hopeful about in 2021 – especially with the backing and support of a resilient brand who is ready for anything!

Back when the first lockdown hit in March 2020, it’s safe to say that many businesses were thrown into chaos. The sheer unprecedented uncertainty of the situation simply proved too much for many companies, who were slow to respond and adapt. FASTSIGNS, however, has always prided itself on being dynamic and proactive in every aspect of its operations and the current situation has proven to be no exception.

With its nearly 40 years’ experience of successful trading in nine different countries, this is not the first time FASTSIGNS had to meet a tough challenge head-on. While the scale and nature of this particular crisis is beyond anyone’s prior experience, the level of support FASTSIGNS offered to its franchisees meant they never had to face it alone. By bringing the full power of their expertise and experience to bear, the franchise gave its partners everything they needed to weather the storm and come out stronger than ever before.

One of FASTSIGNS UK’s immediate initiatives was to establish a task force to assess the needs of the network as the situation developed and to implement the necessary changes. As much of the strength of a franchise comes not only from its senior management, but also from the wider talents of the franchisees. So, this new task force naturally included some of the brightest and best of FASTSIGNS UK’s 24 strong network. Some of the activities they implemented included:

  •  A set of standard infection control signage – easily replicable by each centre and allowed customers to be compliant with covid regulations.
  • An ecommerce site – removing barriers to purchase and sidestepping FASTSIGNS usual consultative selling process, although this remained available if a business required bespoke covid signage.
  • An intensive marketing programme – to raise awareness of FASTSIGNS capabilities  available to businesses navigating the pandemic.

Internationally, senior management spearheaded a Coronavirus Resource Site online for franchisees all around the world to access crucial information and support when they needed it. Weekly calls and regular online seminars were also set-up. Placing great emphasis on the value of keeping everyone connected, FASTSIGNS’ CEO, Catherine Monson, also took the lead sharing her personal brand of positive mental attitude and promoted the Zig Ziglar Quote, ‘Expect the best, Prepare for the worst, Capitalise on what comes.’

As it became clear the pandemic was here to stay for a while, FASTSIGNS rapidly shifted its focus from emergency management to long-term strategy. Working closely with every one of its offices, FASTSIGNS supported its franchisees to pivot their businesses, in order to meet the changing demands of the market. With the cutting-edge manufacturing techniques FASTSIGNS offers, a high-level of flexibility and adaptability is already built into their business model.

Franchisees soon discovered they were perfectly positioned to meet the rising demand for innovative signage that was emerging right across the country. The whole franchise has not only grown in strength and resilience, but is proud to have played a major role in helping customers adapt to the changing marketplace, too.

So successful was the new framework of support FASTSIGNS had created, the franchise hardly broke its stride when the second and third lockdowns hit. Franchisees know what to expect now, and know they have the full backing of not only those in head office, but of every single one of their fellow franchisees, too.

FASTSIGNS recognises a successful franchise is a two-way street. Providing the highest possible level of support is absolutely critical in making its businesses as resilient and robust as possible. If you’re ready to team up with a global industry expert that will always have your back, no matter what happens, get in touch today.