See how successful you can be with a FASTSIGNS franchise opportunity. Our model is designed to help bring out the best in you!

When you picture someone who has started a successful business, what do you think of? Maybe you’re thinking of people you know, or people you’ve seen on shows like Dragon’s Den etc. Chances are the word “entrepreneur” comes up somewhere, along with everything it conjures up.

The word itself simply means someone who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit, but the public imagination thinks of it as being so much more. Thanks to shows like Dragon’s Den and The Apprentice, we have this image of a lone wolf, a maverick, someone who is always doubling down on high stakes for high rewards.

A somewhat romantic image, really, and a mad one when you think about it. The unfortunate truth is, of course, the vast majority of budding “entrepreneurs” simply don’t make it in business. A whopping two-thirds of new businesses fail within their first three years, and we’ve simply no way to count the many, many business ideas which never get off the ground in the first place.

But, with franchising, it’s different!
Joining a franchise, like FASTSIGNS, gives you a plan of action for reducing the risks of starting your own business. You’ll by tapping into a proven business model, rather than risking your hard-earned cash on a path less trodden.

So, if you’re someone who dreams of running your own business but feels like you don’t want to go it alone, it might be time to shift your perspective.

So, can anyone become a FASTSIGNS franchisee?
When we’re asked if we’re looking for “entrepreneurs” to join us in the FASTSIGNS franchise network, we have to say “no”!  

Yes, great franchisees and entrepreneurs share things in common: determination, ambition, resilience, and a desire to build a better future for themselves. A certain amount of entrepreneurial spirit is great, but our franchise is designed to help those who value teamwork, whilst being part of something bigger than themselves. You will have the drive and desire to run your own business and appreciate the support from FASTSIGNS Head Office team and franchise network.

Our franchise model is designed with a good work-life balance in mind; we know from experience people give the best, when they lead happy, well-rounded lives and can make time for what is important to them. So, our franchise model is designed to help you achieve this goal. Yes, you’ll have to work hard to see the results, and nothing is ever stress-free about running your own business, but with our support, you’ll find the balance to thrive in all areas of your life.

Even though I don’t have any experience?
Similarly, being a great businessperson with experience in running successful companies really isn’t necessary. If you have those skills, great, but we’ve seen time-and-time again how well a diversity of experience works for our franchisees, as well as how much they contribute to the network as a whole. For this reason, the concept of building a role around you and your skills is very much a part of what we offer as a franchise.

We encourage all of our franchisees to play to their strengths: if you’re great at the practical side, take a hands-on role, while allowing others to manage the sales side, or vice versa. It’s all about giving you what you need to build your own successful team!

For example, Simon & Friederike Slee, who run FASTSIGNS Hammersmith, worked as a stockbroker and landscape gardener, respectively, before joining us. With our help they’ve taken those skills and turned them into complementary roles in their new business, with Simon leading sales, and Friederike heading up design and consultation. Neither were entrepreneurs, but together they’ve gone on to be some of our most successful franchisees, netting themselves several awards.

Ready for more?
Don’t hold yourself back from the career you deserve just because you don’t think you fit into society’s pre-conception of what makes a great business owner. A FASTSIGNS franchise is designed to bring out the best in you!

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