With our comprehensive marketing and business support, FASTSIGNS has already started planning for your success.

It might be a bit cliché, but they say failing to plan means you’re planning to fail. Nowhere is this truer than when it comes to launching your own business. It might be a dream held by many, but it sure isn’t easy, and even the most accomplished entrepreneur can be thwarted by unforeseen challenges and obstacles.

However, in our nearly 40 years of experience in launching more than 750 franchise locations worldwide, we like to think we’ve learnt a thing or two about opening up a new business! One of the biggest advantages of joining a franchise like FASTSIGNS is knowing you’re not launching yourself into the unknown. Instead, you become part of a network of experts, and will benefit from all their experiences and expertise, in making your new business successful.

We want to make sure all new and existing franchisees benefit from the vast collective knowledge our wider network offers, so you’re equipped with the tools to thrive in a competitive industry. Which is why we devote just as much time and attention to creating effective marketing and business planning support, as we do to developing our cutting-edge products and services. 

1. Training for planned success

In addition to help with finding the right location, and understanding what equipment you’ll need, every new franchisee receives a pre-opening and launch marketing plan, and you’ll be assigned a Business Consultant who will help you ascertain both your long- and short-terms goals. You’ll also embark on a full training programme – both in Dallas, and in your own centre – designed to give you full confidence to succeed, and covering everything from operations & finance, through to marketing, sales, and staff management, and how to reach every milestone on your business journey. This is all part of your business plan.

2. Supported to achieve your plans for success

Our support doesn’t end after you launch; you can expect the same attention to detail and commitment throughout our partnership. You’ll be able to call on us anytime, to help you plan for the next stage of your growth, receiving expert guidance on any challenges or obstacles you may face. You’ll continue to receive regular visits from our Business Development Coaches who will guide you through each step of your business road map.

3. Mentored by success, as part of your plan of action

In addition to top-level professionals within the Franchise Support Team, you’ll also receive support and guidance from other franchisees. They’ve been where you are now, so understand the journey you’re on and what you need to do to achieve your planned success. You’ll be assigned your own FASTSIGNS mentor – one of our most experienced franchisees – who’ll help you build the foundations of the success you’re planning for. Often, the network will collaborate on customer projects, giving you the additional comfort of knowing you can call on others, to help exceed your customers’ expectations.

But there’s more!
Your new business will also be supported by the franchisee-led Marketing Fund Committee, who are there to ensure your marketing contribution works for the best interests of the FASTSIGNS network.

The UK committee was recently joined by Melanie Martinez from FASTSIGNS Crawley, one of our top performing centres. She now takes an active role in helping both Head Office, and her fellow franchisees, to make key decisions. She summed up this collaboration perfectly, “Having franchisees on the Central Marketing Committee, means we get more value, as ideas and thoughts are being fed through to Head Office by an owner who has the same goals, and faces the same hurdles, as you.”

Ready to plan your future?
Working together with FASTSIGNS means being part of a team which will help you think one step ahead… after all, it’s what franchising with us is all about: your success is our success! Contact us to understand how we can set you up for success in your new business.