What kind of year do you want? There’s plenty to be hopeful about in 2022, so why not make it the year you build a happier, more rewarding future for yourself? Read on to discover how FASTSIGNS can help!

It’s been all too easy, these last two years, to feel a bit low about what’s happening around us. So, here at FASTSIGNS, we want to invite you to join us in having a positive mental attitude about your future. Easier said than done, we realise! But, if you’re determined to make a serious change for the better, a positive growth mindset, will make a huge difference to finding the success you deserve.

Our experience has taught us a huge part of achieving this, comes down to setting clear goals and aspirations for yourself, and outlining what you need to do, if you are to achieve them. However, if your goal this year is to run your own business, it can be hard to know how to make it happen in a world filled with so much uncertainty. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone! The FASTSIGNS franchise may be exactly the right opportunity you’re looking for!

At FASTSIGNS, we’ve always worked hard to find the positives in any situation, and it shows. This is not the first time we, and our partners, have had to face serious challenges head-on. In over 35 years of business, we’ve seen recession, technological changes, as well as economic challenges. So, whilst the current global pandemic is a new one on us, the last two years haven’t been any different: FASTSIGNS has continued to grow! We’ve given business freedom to new franchise owners, all across the globe, and we’ve supported thousands of our business customers, as they, too, adapted to the changing world around them.

So, why have we done so well?

Franchising is a much more robust and resilient way for businesses, like FASTSIGNS, to weather whatever storm comes our way, as it is all about empowerment. For us, it means we have the means to expand our brand, all around the world, as we expand the offerings of our franchise owners. For you, it means enjoying the best of both worlds: being your own boss WITH the backing of a bigger company, when you need it most.

The last two years have only reinforced what we’ve always believed: we’re stronger when we work together. FASTSIGNS is designed to help everyone within the network, play to our strengths, as we work together to adapt to the changing world. As one of our partners, you’ll receive the same level of incredible support, which has helped our franchisees not only survive, but thrive during the pandemic.

In addition, part of our strength lies in the fact there will never be a time when top quality signage, isn’t needed. Signs and graphics are a key component of any industry, and the pandemic has only enhanced this. Many companies had to make major changes, and quickly, around how they operate – especially when dealing with the public. FASTSIGNS has been there for them, guiding them to stand out for all the right reasons. Our franchisees also played a huge role in helping small businesses stand back on their feet, by encouraging people back to high streets, shopping centres and restaurants, through the use of clear signage, up-and-down the country.

What does this mean for you in 2022, and beyond?

Being part of the FASTSIGNS franchise means not only are you creating a better future for yourself, but you’re also able to be a positive force to those around you too. You might be surprised just how big an impact it can have on our communities. For example, our amazing partners have helped a number of hospitals and healthcare centres reassure their visitors they’re safe and well-looked after; and even did their bit to prepare schools for new regulations and guidelines.

One of the other key aspects which differentiates us as an opportunity for a better, brighter career, by bringing together both technical and creative skills. FASTSIGNS’ franchise partners have access to cutting-edge signage manufacturing techniques, enabling them to provide truly innovative solutions. This has allowed us to adapt to exactly what our customers need most, even when circumstances has thrown them a major curveball.

So whether you consider yourself a team leader, practical, creative, or a blend of all three, a FASTSIGNS franchise can provide you with the opportunity to enjoy an exciting and varied work life. One where you can be your best as you play to your strengths, and benefit from having all the tools you’ll need, as you overcome any challenge. When you work with us, there’s always plenty to be hopeful about!

Sound good? Then it’s time to get in touch. Let’s find out if we can help you tick any of those boxes, as you start creating the 2022 you want.