FASTSIGNS’ commitment to listen to our customers, and embrace new technology, helps us to always deliver what our customers need from our franchise partners.

The world is changing… you’re probably tired of hearing this phrase everywhere you turn these days, but it’s never been truer. On the back of the ongoing digital revolution of the last 20+ years, the pandemic accelerated the need to shift sales online for both us, and our customers.

The FASTSIGNS franchise is certainly no stranger to innovative change. Over the last 35 years, we’ve guided our franchisees through challenges such as recession, as well as supporting them as they learned how to adapt to new products and services we could only have dreamed of, in our early days. We’ve always prided ourselves on embracing change and moving with the times. Our business model is naturally flexible; this new era is no exception.

FASTSIGNS has not only survived, but thrived, through everything the last four decades has thrown at us, by listening to our customers, and pivoting our products and services to meet what they tell us they want and need. When you join the FASTSIGNS franchise, you’ll join a network which is robust, resilient and ready to embrace the future, at every turn.

New, one-stop-shop solutions
One of the most significant changes we made, in recent months, was to create a full suite of professionally designed products, which customers can purchase quickly and easily.

With these new offerings, our franchisees offer a streamlined service to customers looking for a quick solution to directional or covid-safety signs, for example. Our new range of sector-specific catalogues make it easier for them to choose the right product for them, or replace a damaged one quickly, and enjoy the FASTSIGNS speedy service – even if they want items to be branded.  

This had a number of positive benefits, not least allowing customers to know we heard them. We’ve shown our understanding of their needs and budget, and adapted a product portfolio, to meet their requirements. This is something we’ll continue to improve, as customers tell our franchisees what they want, meaning we keep FASTSIGNS positioned as a global market leader.

Alongside our good, old-fashioned, consultative service
This is not to say we shifted focus away from what makes us who we are – far from it! FASTSIGNS continues to excel at providing a consultative service to customers, and helping them to find fully-enhanced creative solutions: from signage, to interior designs, we offer a bespoke solution perfectly suited to their brand, their location, and their expectations.

As a longer, more personalised service, franchisees enjoy building relationships with customers who are looking for the right solution to their signage requirements. So, by introducing pre-designed products, we’ve enabled franchisees to expand their reach, by offering one-off quality signage to customers who don’t want – or need – the bespoke approach. This leaves franchisees, and their production teams, free to devote their attention where it’s needed most: Working with long-term customers, to deliver bespoke signage solutions, personalised to them.

Ready to shape your future?
As a franchise, we’ve always defined ourselves as people who go the extra mile – not just for our customers, but for our franchisees too. Just as the FASTSIGNS business model is always evolving, so too does our support for our 700+ franchise partners. So, when you join FASTSIGNS, you’ll be in business for yourself, but with the constant backing of a brand helping to define, and shape the signage industry.

Contact us today and find out what it takes to start your own FASTSIGNS centre.