When you take a moment to determine what is important to your life happiness, you can identify the goals you want to achieve. FASTSIGNS CEO, Catherine Monson, explores what this means as someone who is energised by what she does, every single day.

In the age of Social Media, it’s easy to see how people are living their lives and to compare oneself to everyone else, says Catherine Monson, CEO of FASTSIGNS. “However, I believe the key to an individual’s happiness, is to pursue your own ideals rather than trying to achieve someone else’s. We all have our own definition of what makes us happy. My vision will look different to yours. This is why it is important to work hard to achieve what you define will bring you ‘happiness’ in your own life.”

For those who don’t know Catherine, this might seem like an idealistic approach to life and easy for a ‘CEO’ to say. However, a look back at Catherine’s start in life and the challenges she has overcome in order to achieve the level of success she has, you begin to understand she has had to fight for the right to be happy, each and every day.

“Since being in High School, I defined my happiness as achieving my goal of becoming a CEO,” Catherine explains. “In spite of the difficulties my mother’s alcoholism brought to my early years. Every college course, job interview and life decision has lead me towards achieving my personal life goal.”

There’s a lot to being a CEO of a large, global, franchise company. So when it comes to perfecting the art of her work-life balance, Catherine knew what she was aiming for and the sacrifices she would need to make along the way. “I don’t know of any CEO who works just 10 hours a week. To achieve this level of success, takes commitment, hard work and dedication. I love what I do, but outside of my work, I have lots of other interests and friends that I spend time with. As far as I am concerned, I live a very happy life which suits me.”

Catherine knows her definition of happiness and life choices may not be for everyone and it is for this reason that she believes people should be who they aspire to be, instead of imitating others. “Whatever someone chooses to be or do, as long as it makes them happy, they put maximum effort to achieve their goal and they derive a sense of satisfaction from the result, to my way of thinking, they have achieved their success.

As a franchise, FASTSIGNS has a network of franchisees who have followed Catherine’s advice to discover their own sense of life-satisfaction and are genuinely happy running the businesses they do. “We offer our franchisees the support and guidance they need, so they can discover the joy of what it means to achieve their personal work-life goals.

“For me,” Catherine concludes, “when I get home at the end of a day, or at the end of a business trip, I feel motivated, excited, energised and happy. This is one measure of my success. This is why I believe it is important for you to pursue your own version of the work-life balance you aspire to. Maybe, FASTSIGNS can help you reach your goal.”

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