When looking for signs, customers don’t always know what they want. As a FASTSIGNS franchise, you’ll understand their challenge and use our tools to provide more than just a sign. Read how FASTSIGNS Hammersmith achieved this, recently.

When a business recognises the need for a sign, they often only visualise one sign to overcome their immediate need. At FASTSIGNS, we look past the immediate need and see the opportunity to create an atmospheric, visual and informational signage solution that satisfies the customer’s requirement, but also uses a wide range of signs and graphics to exceed their original expectations. We call it a Comprehensive Customer Solution. 

Using a wide range of signage styles, substrates and techniques, FASTSIGNS franchisees are enabled to create high-quality, high-impact and varied signage solutions, helping our business customers to visually stand out, for all the right reasons. Our signage solutions include digital signage, banners, building signs, vehicle graphics, window, wall, door and floor graphics and so much more.

An example of this is FASTSIGNS Hammersmith’s award-winning project for SIXT – a rapidly-growing car rental business.

SIXT were looking for visual communication solutions that matched their brand, created a uniform aesthetic and provided information at their branches across the UK and Europe.

FASTSIGNS Hammersmith undertook a number of site visits, in order to be able to ascertain what kind of spaces they were working with. These included:

  • Multi-storey car parks
  • Open-air car parks
  • Airport car rental booths
  • Offices
  • Events

Together, co-franchisees, Simon and Friederike Slee, created a process which would help to manage the SIXT project most effectively. They identified what would be required in each type of location and presented a range of solutions to their client. This led to the following signage being installed:

  • Multi-storey car parks: To help customers easily identify the car rental company, large weather-resistant wall graphics were installed and stencilled bay parking indicators allowed customers to instantly recognise SIXT’s parking bays.
  • Open-air car parks: Free-standing aluminium signs on poles were driven into the ground, at a height which increased rental vehicles visibility, especially when parked. Large overhead signs also indicated the SIXT parking bay numbers, so customers can easily identify where their rental was located or to be returned.
  • Indoor car rental booths in airports: Internally lit, built-up letters were installed, in order to attract travellers’ attention.
  • Airports externally: SIXT wanted to share their brand with the sky, so FASTSIGNS Hammersmith produced an 8 x 15m banner, which was installed on the roof of SIXT’s building. As planes landed, potential customers easily saw the car rental company’s
  • Across all SIXT offices, airport booths or car parks: FASTSIGNS delivered on SIXT’s desire to present a cohesive brand appearance, no matter where they were in Europe. To achieve this, Simon and Friederike used vinyl to wrap various items, from tables, phones, walls and podiums, in SIXT’s distinctive orange and black.
  • Promotional material: FASTSIGNS have also helped to maximise on SIXT’s promotional opportunities through the development of branded items for events. These have ranged from deck chairs, to promotional umbrellas and gazebos.

When you start your own FASTSIGNS franchise, the opportunities of what you can create are limitless. Your customer may come to you with the need for a sign, but as a visual communications expert, you can help to create a bigger picture.

As a new franchisee, who may not have any previous experience of the signage industry, FASTSIGNS provides comprehensive training, developed over our 34 years of signage experience to help you become a proficient signage expert. You’ll also have access to a network of over 700 FASTSIGNS franchisees, who have all created extensive comprehensive solutions for their customers, so you’ll never be short of support or ideas to help you delight your customers. 

Ready to start your own business? Let’s talk about how a FASTSIGNS franchise could be right for your future.