As industry experts, it’s easy for us to believe in what FASTSIGNS offers, but how do you make sure your customers believe in it too?

If you’re an experienced business person, you’ll already know selling great products is only part of what makes a company successful. As one of the world’s leading suppliers of signage solutions, we know what we do at FASTSIGNS makes us stand out from the crowd. But, spending money on permanent signage is not a decision customers take lightly and rightly so! Designed and implemented correctly, signage not only aids a company’s branding or information services, but it also enhances their offerings and becomes an integral part of their overall strategy.

Customers can often feel nervous about investing the necessary finances to make their signage work for them. After all, even with our advanced manufacturing techniques, high-quality signage can be a significant expense and, in an ever-changing world, many customers view it as a high-risk purchase. This can sometimes lead to hesitancy. Overcoming this hesitation is an important part of how FASTSIGNS works.

So, how do you go about breaking down these barriers?

Whatever a customer is looking to buy, the higher the risk of the purchase and the higher its value, the more a customer needs to feel informed about their decision. Consequently, the greater the value of the work you are proposing, the more time you’ll need to spend communicating with the client.

We don’t just mean making sure your customer knows about the technical specifications of our signs; we mean creating an experience for them. One which incorporates, and meets all their needs and concerns. You’ll be there to guide them through the entire journey: from conception to completion, giving them peace of mind, at each stage, their required signage will be delivered on time and within budget.

An essential aspect of the FASTSIGNS’ business model you gain access to when you join our growing network, is focused on the customer relationship. How do we reassure our customers they will receive value for money on their investment. Over the last 35 years, we have perfected our consultative selling methods, which have been designed to provide our franchisees with a highly effective strategy for selling our products.

The reassurance of a trusted brand

This starts in the early stages by communicating that you have clearly understood your customer’s needs and identified the solution in order to achieve their signage goals. Often, a customer will rely on your expertise and experience to properly identify the challenges they are facing, and provide a clear strategy for overcoming them. But, when you’re new to the FASTSIGNS network, how can you deliver on this expectation?

Joining the FASTSIGNS franchise network can give you the confidence you need, to reassure your customers. Trading under an established brand, with an extensive track record of success, means you benefit from all the recognition and credibility which comes with it. Tapping into the FASTSIGNS’ history of expertise, learning from our past experiences and being supported by a network of like minded individuals and industry experts, instils a sense of confidence in your ability to effectively manufacture and install the right signs, whilst providing high-level aftercare to your customers.

You will then need to put this into practice by using their current branding, or working with them to create new branding, so their business stands out, delivering on the signage goals. This is where your team’s creative and problem-solving flair really come to the fore!

As a FASTSIGNS franchisee, you will receive full training in how to deliver these strategies, as well as learning to understand your customers’ needs and communicate effectively with them about the service FASTSIGNS provides. You’ll also be able to share techniques and new ideas with your fellow franchisees, as part of a larger network of like-minded individuals all working towards the same goal. FASTSIGNS’ expert support team are on hand anytime you need us, and they will continue to give you the guidance you need as you grow your business.

As a FASTSIGNS franchisee, reassure your customers they will receive what they pay for: not just great signs, but a comprehensive signage strategy, managed from start to finish.

Have you got what it takes tobuild a successful business that is designed to be seen? Contact us today to find out how you can benefit from franchising with FASTSIGNS.