Franchising has historically been perceived as a male dominated sector, if women did enter the franchising foray it would most likely have been in feminine business opportunities. More and more female leaders are beginning to break this mould, over 20% of the FASTSIGNS Network is made up of women franchisees.

Franchising can be the perfect method of operating a business for women, being part of a wider group of likeminded individuals which offers the opportunity of networking along with the promotion of inherent female skills such as tenacity, strength, goal driven, collaboration and resilience often makes them key candidates for franchise opportunities.

Women can appear more approachable and relational to customers, their organisational skills and attention to detail add an element of competency to the service they are able to provide.

Females can also exercise more caution that their male counterparts, this gender trait may work in franchising favour, nurturing and growing their small acorn of new business, it’s possible that females are likely to grow their business to great success.

Educated women are beginning to push the boundaries of what they can achieve, knowing their success depends on their own vision, motivation and drive. According to UCAS out of 180 degree level educated subjects, female degree holders now outnumber their male counterparts in 112 subjects. With statistics such as these it is no wonder that more and more females are striving to be their own bosses.

At FASTSIGNS, our leader and CEO, Catherine Monson is a force to be reckoned with, having been at the helm of FASTSIGNS for over six years she has grown the business from 540 franchisees to just over 660 centres. Catherine has been recognised as one of the most powerful women in franchising by Global franchise magazine in 2017 and has previously been actively involved with the Women’s Franchise Committee.

Having a female leader who is so driven is infectious, she is an inspiration to women who want to get into business. The FASTSIGNS franchise model actively welcomes female franchisees and we believe they are capable of achieving great success within their business.

Catherine Monson – CEO of FASTSIGNS