For sustainability-conscious business owners, FASTSIGNS is investing in sustainable alternatives, so you can lead the way in greener signage. 

Are you looking for a business which is sustainable and will have a positive impact on the environment for future generations? If so, the signage industry is stereotypically not one you may consider – from the materials used to the production process. However, FASTSIGNS UK might surprise you, with our environmental promise. We understand that the green issue is growing in importance for both our franchisees and customers, so we’re on a mission to do our bit for a cleaner world. 

FASTSIGNS produce signs using all sorts of materials including aluminium, acrylic, vinyl and even cardboard. All of our signs are produced to the customer’s specification and sometimes, to ensure they are fit for purpose, they are made from hardwearing materials that don’t have the greenest of footprints. However, as a franchise, we listen to what our customers want and recognise that as greener manufacturing is discussed more frequently, customer trends are changing.  

Even now, many of our customers are beginning to consider how their signage ties into their environmental values, with some clients even going so far as only to use recyclable materials or low-energy products in their signage solution. To get ahead of this growing trend, FASTSIGNS UK is actively sourcing solutions which allow our franchisees to produce high-quality signage, that is more sustainable. As someone thinking about investing in a profitable business, we don’t need to tell you what an additional product line could mean for your ROI!  

Running your FASTSIGNS business sustainably 

The Government aims to eliminate avoidable plastic waste by 2042. By working with suppliers who support sustainability, we’re developing our production options, such as being able to offer our customers PVC-free vinyl made from bamboo over traditional plastic-based options. We’re also able to offer digital signage, and LED lighting, which are far less harmful to the environment than their traditional counterparts. 

Of course, running a sustainable business is about more than the end product. When you open your FASTSIGNS, you’ll be wanting to fit out your new centre with machinery and equipment which emit lower greenhouse gasses. As part of our global franchise network, take advantage of our buying power to choose the best printers and inks which will enable you to keep your business’ carbon footprint low, as you produce high-quality signage for customers. 

Some of our franchisees have also chosen to take extra measures to reduce their carbon footprint, further. Richard Wedgewood, from FASTSIGNS Manchester, recently insulated and re-clad his centre’s roof, so the building holds around 25% more heat, reducing the amount of energy needed to heat it. Whilst, Andy Dearman, from FASTSIGNS Hull, is involved in an annual project with schools across Hull, to improve green spaces, and teach children the value of being environmentally friendly. 

How you choose to invest through your business, in sustainable issues close to your heart, is entirely down to you. The beauty of franchising with FASTSIGNS is having the freedom to know you can and that you will also be supported, and encouraged to implement green infrastructure! 

Sustainably exciting projects we’re involved in 

Through your FASTSIGNS centre, in addition to the signage solutions you associate with a franchise like ours, there are some exciting new products you can incorporate. Such as enabling customers to create pleasing indoor spaces with a living wall, or support local wildlife by enhancing their outdoor space.  

For example, FASTSIGNS Portsmouth helped one of their customers, Vespasian Security create a calming atmosphere in their office with a ‘Living Wall’ made from moss. The feature promotes healthy well-being, increases productivity & creativity, and reduces stress within the office.  

FASTSIGNS Crawley supported Re-Energise Manor Royal Business District’s sustainability plans, by recommending the installation of bug hotels on roundabouts in the area. These ‘hotels’ make better use of otherwise wasted public spaces, allowing our customer to show their commitment to the environment in a very visual way.    

Empowerment through education 

We’re aware of the level of education needed for people to understand the signage industry is changing. And, you may not feel as though you’re fully up-to-date with all the sustainable options you can offer through your new business. Don’t panic! 

We make every effort to ensure every franchise owner and their team, is fully trained in our sustainable signage options, their benefits, and the balance of cost to both the planet and customers’ pockets. This means our franchisees are fast becoming experts on sustainable signage, able to educate their customers and lead the change. With our training and support, you too will become an expert on sustainable signage. 

Hear for yourself what Richard says about FASTSIGNS’ commitment to sustainability 

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